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Whether you have historical, heritage bound books, newspapers or the latest full-colour glossy magazines; at Pearl Scan we take extreme care in handling your books when scanning or digitising your material and convert to your required digital format e.g PDF, Kindle and Ms. Word. We are a scanning bureau based in Manchester with sale offices in London and Birmingham. We cater for one-off scanning of one book or manuscript to large digitisation and conversion of your collection.

Book scanning is the best way to create digital reproductions of your favourite books. With the introduction of the iPad, Kindle, e-reader and similar tablet devices, the book scanning and digitisation market has grown in popularity by 100% as more and more people are putting down the books and picking up a tablet.

Our book scanning approach

We have specialist team dedicated to digitise your valuable collection of books etc. to your required format. We have the most advanced scanners which can produce high resolution images of your books.

We offer two key digitisation methods (bound book scanning and un-bound book scanning) by using latest scanning equipment. We can collect nationwide and return your books as quick as 24-hour notice period or you can choose to dispatch your books to our scanning bureau.

How does book scanning and digitization work?

The first thing to consider when getting book(s) scanned is the type of scanning you would like. This is a typical option across the industry albeit that many companies only offer the destructive option. Typically we scan the following formats:

  • Book, magazine, newspaper scanning services in London, Manchester and rest of the UKOld book scanning
  • Rare and fragile book scanning
  • Large format book scanning
  • Bound volume book scanning
  • Magazine scanning
  • Newspaper scanning
  • Manuals scanning
  • Comic book scanning
  • Manuscript scanning

Unbound | Destructive Book Scanning Method

Though not as harsh as it may initially sound, unbound or destructive book scanning will involve the removal or 'slicing' of the spine of the book. The spine or staples will be removed and the pages will be processed through one of our document feed scanners.


  • The service is at a lower cost
  • The process is very fast
  • Results can be clearer (depending on level of detail in the book itself)

Bound | Non-Destructive Book scanning Method

Bound book scanning (also known as in-tact scanning) is exactly as it sounds. Books are scanned in the condition in which they arrive on one of our upright overhead book scanners, using technology specifically made to cater for bound books and magazines, whether delicate, rare or in perfect condition.

non destructive book scanning, book scannerAdvantages

  • Books remain in the same condition in which we receive them
  • Books are exposed to considerably less light than other scanning methods for those concerned about heat generated by the scanner lamps
  • Ideal if your book is one-off, rare, valuable or has high sentimental value

Book scanning process

Depending on your preferred book scanning method we will begin the scanning process. We will scan and digitise your books to digital image format e.g. TIFF, Un-compressed TIFF, PDF, Jpeg etc.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Processing and Conversion
OCR can be applied to scanned images to convert them to searchable or editable text. Read more about Optical Character Recognition Processing.

Formats that we scan to
We offer a wide range of book scanning services and conversion solutions in order to offer you a choice of formats to convert your books to. These include the very latest e-book formats as well as classic formats such as PDF and searchable PDF; and conversion to Microsoft Word so the content can be edited and sent to be republished (if you wish).
Here are the most common formats we can convert your book to:

convert book to pdf, scan books to pdf

We can scan books to PDF format which is viewable on computers, mobiles and tablet devices.

convert books to pdf searchable, scan books to pdf searchable

PDF Searchable
Like a standard PDF, but all the text contained will be readable and searchable on your computer for searching.

convert books to word, scan books to wordMicrosoft Word
Converting to Word, enables you to edit the content of the publications and prepare for further printing in the future.

convert books to kindle .mobiAmazon Kindle format
The most popular e-Book format, the Kindle is also the most popular e-reader around. Read more about Amazon Kindle.

convert books to epub format, scan books to .epub

.ePub format
The .ePub is the most widely recognised e-book format and is used by thousands of e-readers across the world.

convert books to ipad, scan books to ipadiBooks for iPad / iPhone
The popular iBooks platform is exclusive to the iPad and iPhone, Apple's multi-million selling tablet devices. Read more about Apple iBooks.

create flippage booksFlipping Book
With the fully interactive Flippage format, you can display your files and brochures online or send them on disks. Read more about flipping book.

convert books tos html, scan books to htmlHTML
By having you book converted to HTML, this allows you to display is online as a functional website.

convert books to xml, scan books to xml formatXML
XML provides an underlying technology that gives portability of information across platforms, and applications.


Why should you chose Pearl Scan for your book scanning and digitising needs?

scan books to ibooks, kindle in the UKHere are a few reasons why you should consider Pearl Scan books scanning and conversion services:

  • A decade of experience working with the most reputable companies in the UK
  • Creative and friendly team of professionals who are easy to approach
  • Custom built scanning bureau around security, safety, confidentiality and scalability
  • One-stop service for all your book scanning and digital conversion
  • Infrastructure to support small-to-large, quick-to-long terms projects
  • Backed up by external quality and security audits
  • Fully supported services and management system throughout the UK
  • Our scanning operation have been audited and approved by many NHS, Local Authorities, Private blue chip companies to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 27001 (Information Management System) and EMS 14001 (Environment Management System) and Data Protection 1998.


Rare Book Scanning, Digitisation & Conversion Services

rare book scanning The greatest of care is taken when it comes to the scanning, digitisation and digital preservation of older and more delicate hard to find books. Books can be scanned to PDF as well as editable formats such as MS Word. We place the requirements around the condition of the books and the speed in which we process them can be reduced to make absolutely sure that the books remain in the same condition that they came to us in.

Of course we treat all the books we scan with the greatest of respect but we understand that there will always be a few cases that need special attention, and we use only our most experienced scanners to complete this work who always wear gloves to protect the pages and print of your books which is all part of our rare book scanning service.

We deal with hundreds of rare and one-off books per year and have been trusted with books from right back in the 16th century up to the present day. With Pearl Scan Solutions you can be assured that we will treat your books and scanning with the greatest of respect.

We use state of the art specialised overhead liner book scanners to scan and capture bound, rare, historical, out of prints and fragile books, magazines and journals. The books are carefully scanned, images are captured, either in colour, black and white or greyscale as necessary (depending on the nature of the books, contents, e.g. pictures, text, illustrations, drawings etc). Once scanned, the images are then processed and converted to the required image formats (e.g. PDF, Text Searchable PDF, ASCII Text, Ms Word, XML, HTML and even Excel for directories. They are then supplied on a required storage medium such as CD or USB.


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Customer Reviews

With a quick turnaround and the document image quality and detail were of high standard. We previously had scanning work done by very cheap companies and the quality suffered as a result, but we now stick to the reliability of Pearl Scan for our scanning.
By Craig Cartwright

Pearl Scan provided a first-rate service, and were very pleasant and helpful people to deal with.
By Robert Waddell

I was very impressed by Pearl Scan, their speed and the quality of the output of my collection of A0 drawings. Cheaper than expected too.I even asked if I could come and watch the process briefly, to which they were agreeable, but I didn't get the chance in the end.If I ever need more scanning work doing in the future, I'll come back to Pearl.
By Alan Johns

I used Pearl as they assured me that they would save a law firm I was working with a cost saving system. Using their document scanning service, and some nifty software, they made my client very happy as their system will now help save thousands each year. A happy client makes me happy! Thanks guys, I'll be back for more scanning next time.
By Jon Logan of Outsourcing Direct

Pearl did a great job. Honest, quick turnaround and I couldn't be happier with the results. Helpful too.
By Jackie Greene

Pearl Scan supplied scanning for around 600 books in 2009 for my company at the time which was very helpful indeed as we needed them so we could use the computer images in our journal.They were very helpful on the phone as we didn't have a clue about how to go about it, they were quick in collecting, working and dropping them back off with us and we had the books back quicker than we expected.I would recommend Pearl Scan for the exceptional work they provided and for the care they took with these delicate books (they were falling apart!).
By John Paxton of IMJ

Pearl Scan did some document scanning for my previous company about 8 months ago. We had about 20 boxes of invoices to be scanned and they collected a few days after the agreement was made and the files were scanned and returned a lot sooner than expected. The accuracy of the reference numbered titles far outweighed my, and our MD's, expectations from what I recall. They also offered and demonstrated to us a nice looking piece of management software which we didn't need at the time, but it was good to know we were in the hands of a company that knew what they were doing. Thanks to Naveed and the team!
By Peter Kavanagh

Impressed with Pearl Scan's organisation and ability to cope with all types of scanning, plus able to convert into different filetypes such as pdf and word.
By Google User

Document scanning hadn't crossed my mind as something to help business, but it really did. The guys here were really helpful. Thanks again guys, a good job, well done!
By Google User

Very impressed with their efficient level of service - we'd recommend Pearl Scanning for scanning work.
By Google User

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